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Rugby World Cup

Can't wait for the games this weekend.

All the matches are so tight. The bookies have England as the biggest favourite, with only a 7 point winning margin!
Shitting myself for this one! I went through the majority of my life thinking it was impossible for Ireland to beat the ABs. I must admit I cried the first time we did it, partly because my da had passed away a few years before, and I knew how much it would have meant to him (I felt he was with me watching actually).

We've beat them 5 from 8 since then. That's incredible to say. Put them away Ireland for me aul man!
Argentina are going to be the first nation to hold the rugby and football world cups simultaneously.
Shaky start by Ireland but now they found their feet.

They really need to sort out the line outs though.

And Sexton needs to keep his trap shut.
Injuries piling up for Ireland.

That was always my concern with the draw.

Ireland top their group and get a team that scored 90 pts against Italy.

France top theirs and get the reigning world champions.

Meanwhile England get a team who just lost to Portugal.


Pat called it
Not unexpected. Some display by New Zealand. Incredibly defence at the end to defend 35 phases without giving away a penalty.
Really thought this would be the WC we’d deliver on our promise but not to be.
Frances to lose now.
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