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Top Slot secured

Great news as he is supposed to be excellent and integral to Slutty.

Feyenoord’s Head of Performance, Ruben Peeters, is confirmed to be joining Arne Slot at Liverpool as of First Team Lead Physical Performance Coach.
Etienne Reijnen has the most continental name and face I've seen. He probably he's the eu flag tattooed on the back of his knee. I'm not hopeful
Personally I'm fine with the manager not being able to railroad through any signing they want. In recent times it always worked best with effective collaboration, providing it doesn't evolve into stupid compromises and different agendas under Rodgers and the committee.

Regardless of whether the head coach title is a long term, permanent move or not, there simply is not the a calibre of manager available who you could have complete confidence in after Klopp. In short FSGs efforts to reign back some of the power are sensible at this moment in time, but Hughes will have to prove himself as competent and as effective as Edwards to make the new structure work. Also, everyone is going to have to leave their ego at the door.
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When is Slot's first interview
is he Arne Slot like that defender we signed from Preston a while ago ? - like a ghost manager ? does he really exist or just a figment of our imagination ? where the f*ck is he ? maybe got caught in customs for having some weed on him or something - not realizing it is banned over here.
Is anyone else finding the welcome a bit underwhelming? No interview, social media message, nothing. We have always rolled out the red carpet to a new manager, even Hodgson.
It is, but I am much happier with this.

One of my gripes was that he talked too much. Now that he's here, I'd rather he got to work pronto than give interviews. Designing training plans, speaking to the scouting staff, watching videos of Darwin hitting the cross bar etc

Unless the reason is because he's off in Turker gettinga hair transplant, that is!
We were holding off so as we could announce him alongside Mbappe.
Or maybe we’re planning on playing Feyenoord in our first preseason friendly and Slot will manage them first half before moving to our dugout at half time.
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